KLINKERDIN Experimental Arts Salon Common Ground Bray NEWS LETTER NO.1 Spring 2017

Thanks a million for joining the KLINKERDIN Experimental Arts Salon mailing list and for your support. Our last session was a great success with many people finding the presentations staying with them. We welcome all feed back so please feel free to get in touch with us to let us know how we can develop KLINKERDIN.

What a great play! Clare Stephens and Mildred Fox and the gang are continuing to facilitate Kilmac Community Youth Drama on Fridays from 5.30pm to 6.30 pm in the parish hall in Kilmac. New members are welcome. The Seniors are currently taking a break while the Junior?leaving Cert Mock exams are underway. You can contact the group via Face Book and Conor mentioned that if people would like to feed back their thoughts on the play they can mail Kilmac Drama Via Facebook. Here is the Link -

Sinead O'Brien whose authentic and direct performance left us breathless and gave such pleasure is busy recording and developing new music. She has a Facebook Page where you can keep up with her and some of her beautiful songs are available at band camp here.

Mikey Doyle's improptu performance on Sinead's guitar caused a stir with many of the audience calling him a Christy Moore in the making. We look forward to Mikey bringing some more songs to another KLINKERDIN night.

Wendy Stephens created uproar and tears of laughter with her clowning piece 'Lucy's First Performance – Please be kind!' 'You Sexy Thing' Lucy! Wendy is busy developing a women's group in Common Ground Bray which meets every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm. She is also creating a supportive group for people who'd like to develop artistic performance projects in a safe and nurturing environment. Keep in touch with her via .

Polyana aka Ruaidhri. Here's what Mildred had to say 'Ruraidhri's piece was great. It was stuck in my head for days'. A rock of KLINKEDIN and indeed Common Ground Ruaidhri's endless technical, artistic, organisational and musical skills make KLINKERDIN possible. His moving artwork soothes and challenges all at the same time. He's currently working on a new piece which we hope he'll show us at a future KLINKERDIN. Many people have asked for the poem which he used here it is. LET'S NOT BLOW IT Public Service Annoucement By Homer Groening (1967) There are millions of years in the past There are millions of years ahead of us And here we are Right in the middle Then there's space There are miles and miles of space in all directions And here we are Right in the middle This is a big deal Being in the middle of time and space It sort of makes your eyes water

We'd never find this moment again In a million years This is our world Let's not blow it

CHAOS IN HARMONY – KLINKERDIN stall worths continued to sing their eclectic mix of World and Inspirational a capella music and are deeply appreciated by KLINKERDIN supporters. They meet every Monday from 8-9.30pm in the loft at Common Ground and new members are always welcome.

KLINKERDIN are hoping to get Brian Kavanagh a London Based Lecturer/composer, originally from the Bray area, who is a classical guitarist and has also done research on the uses of electronics and electronica by European Symphony Orchestras, to share some of his research and music at an upcoming KLINKERDIN.we also hope to present a Dance piece and a new work by Anderson McFarland and other yet to beconfirmed acts.

All the best for now and we hope you keep in touch with KLINKERDIN's goings on.